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Android is like Europe

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AIVD hackt internetfora, ‘tegen wet in’
De Nederlandse inlichtingendienst AIVD breekt in op de servers van internetfora. Op die manier worden de gegevens van alle gebruikers van die webfora verzameld. Vaak zijn dat onbekende personen van wie nog niet is vastgesteld of zij een bedreiging zijn voor de rechtsorde.

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Dutch intelligence agency AIVD hacks internet fora
The Dutch intelligence service - AIVD - hacks internet web fora to collect the data of all users. The majority of these people are unknown to the intelligence services and are not specified as targets when the hacking and data-collection process starts.

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Introducing Actions for iOS Photos and Reminders



iOS Recipes just got a lot more powerful. Now IFTTT can add photos directly to your iPhone albums and create new to-do’s in Reminders!

Download IFTTT for iPhone and try these new Recipes:

IFTTT Recipe: Save Facebook photos you're tagged in to iOS Photos

IFTTT Recipe: Save your Instagram likes to an iPhone photo album

IFTTT Recipe: Emails you label 'To-do' get added to an iOS Reminders list

IFTTT Recipe: If you haven't worked out in a few days, this Recipe adds a high priority Reminder to your iPhone


Goedkoop tabletscherm voor Raspberry Pi. Dat is het doel van de inzameling via Kickstarter. De makers van de HDMIPi willen hun betaalbare 9 inch monitor met HD-resolutie (1280x800) naar de massa brengen. Natuurlijk is het kleine high-res scherm ook te gebruiken voor andere systemen met HDMI-output, meldt de IDG News Service.

#Hashtag Triggers for Facebook and Facebook Pages


We’re thrilled to introduce three new Triggers for both the Facebook and Facebook Pages Channels.

image        image

Now you can create Facebook Recipes that work only when a specific #hashtag is present in the message or caption. Perfect for selective cross-posting!

IFTTT Recipe: Tag Facebook status messages with #tw to automatically post to Twitter

IFTTT Recipe: Share my FB links with hashtag #linkedin on LinkedIn

IFTTT Recipe: Include a #hashtag in a photo post caption to crosspost to your Facebook Page

IFTTT Recipe: Send an email to folks when you post a #tagged plain text message on your FB Page

IFTTT Recipe: New link on FB Page with hashtag #linkedin, share link on LinkedIn

IFTTT Recipe: Cross-post pics tagged #tumblr from FB pages to Tumblr


Red Bull Rampage takes ‘couch crashing’ to a whole new level.

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